Full size crop 1742 x 1298

Full size wide 3505 x 2366 (1,7 mb.)


Picture shows the tail extends well beyond the galaxy. It is to faint to show up in only one exposure.


Tail shown without the stars. This is 20 x 180 sec.


Photo Details:

Optics and mount

Takahashi FSQ106ED @ f/3.6 on Takahashi EM-200.

CCD camera

Baader mod. Canon 350D. Guided with MiniBorg 60ED and DSI pro II.




20 x 180 + 49 x 300 sec. ISO800


Darks and Flats in DeepSkyStacker, levels and curves in Photoshop CS2.

Date and Location

30.12.2007 / 59 11 47.83 N. - 10 22 29.33 E 

Object information

Comet 8P Tuttle passing M33

Previous Pictures



Picture one shows path of comet for a total of 5 hours and 5 min (19.46 to 01.03 local time). Picture 2 and 3 is aligned on the comet core.